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System of Care: It Works

For the past couple of years in my marketing role for Pentucket Medical, I’ve done a good deal of communicating about our System of Care – people, services and technology integrated to meet any healthcare needs our patients might face.

Unexpectedly, earlier this month, I experienced it myself.

After a day and a half of trying to ignore what I’d assumed was indigestion or an intestinal bug, I checked into ExpressCare. Using ExpressCare’s online appointment system, I registered from home and skipped the waiting room. Within minutes, I was describing my symptoms to Tracey Sarro, one of the ExpressCare Nurse Practitioners. She reviewed my vitals, asked a few questions and probed a bit around the area of my complaint.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“I’m going to order a CT scan so we can see what’s going on,” Ms Sarro told me, and in a matter of minutes I was booked for a CT scan.

I was given two bottles of prep fluid and then I made my way to Pentucket Medical in Haverhill, chugging the prep as I went.  It was now about noon.

By 12:45, I was through the scanner and back in the diagnostic waiting room. I expected to hear from a radiologist that my CT showed no indication of a problem. Instead, I was beckoned to the check-in window and handed a phone receiver.

“Mr. Plante, this is Tracey over at ExpressCare. Your CT shows appendicitis. You need to get to hospital right away.”

I told Tracey I preferred to go to Anna Jaques, since I live in that end of the Valley. The AJH emergency department was crowded when I arrived, but Tracey had called ahead, so I was triaged immediately. Having a DVD of my CT scan and the radiologist’s workup saved more time and, I assume, more expense. In what seemed like no time, I was in the Operating Room.  Dr. Peter Hartmann performed the operation, and did a great job.   The next morning I was discharged and sent home, sore from surgery, but my problem resolved.

System of Care: An integrated team of clinicians, support staff and technology that extends to excellent local hospitals.

Having experienced it personally leaves me impressed and proud.

And healthy.

It works. Thanks.

We Are Here For You

If you or someone you know are experiencing COVID symptoms (CDC symptom checker) call your clinician to set up a telehealth (phone or video) screening to determine next steps. Should testing and/or treatment be needed, resources are available through our Respiratory Illness Clinic.


Our Riverwalk ExpressCare is the only center that is seeing respiratory symptoms.  All of our other sites are “COVID free”. Please call our staff and they can point you to the right place to get the treatment you need.