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Pentucket Medical Welcomes Rohit Dixit, MD

Dr. Rohit Dixit’s first exposure to medicine occurred at a young age, visiting his grandfather in India – an extremely philanthropic and charity driven physician – who founded and ran a hospital which became a pillar in the community.

“My mom, Shashi (a PhD in Sanskrit) and dad, Bhushan (an IT professional), always encouraged me to pursue my goals with conviction and resilience, which led me to a career in medicine.”

Rohit Dixit, MD,  a native of Hudson, NH, has joined the Internal Medicine team at our Pentucket RiverWalk office in Lawrence and is welcoming patients to his new practice. He has a passion for nutrition and preventative medicine, with particular interests in inflammatory bowel disease and celiac disease. 

“Before entering medical school I earned my masters in nutrition from Columbia. I’d  like to think that food is our ‘first medicine.’ The things we eat every day really do impact daily health, well being and chronic disease. It is a well-established fact that nutrition plays a key supplemental role in disease prevention and treatment, as well as curbing disease progression. As a physician, I am first and foremost an educator and advocate, and my goal is to engage patients in education and ownership of their health.”

Beyond his medical career, Rohit (pronounced Ro-hith) is an accomplished musician, as a singer-songwriter guitarist, who has numerous original compositions. He is also a sports fanatic and engages in competitive tennis and golf.

“I’ve always wanted to return to the greater Boston area and make a true impact and contribution in favor of the community that raised me to be who I am. I love the structure and vision of Pentucket Medical, and look forward to a great relationship!”

To arrange an appointment with Dr. Dixit, please call 978 557 8900.

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