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Breaking the myths on healthy food choices!


1. Potatoes are bad!

Not really.

Since we eat the highly processed version of the white potato—for instance, french fries and potato chips—consumption of this root vegetable has been linked to obesity and an increased diabetes risk.

But white potatoes are actually loaded with fiber and higher in essential minerals, such as iron, magnesium, and potassium compared to lot of root vegetables.

The bottom line: The form in which you consume a potato—for instance, a whole baked potato versus a processed potato that’s used to make chips—is important to consider.

2. Sugar? What about it?

Table sugar is as bad as High fructose corn syrup.

The bottom line: HFCS and regular sugar are empty-calorie carbohydrates that should be consumed in limited amounts. How? By keeping soft drinks, sweetened fruit juices, and prepackaged desserts to a minimum.

3. Salt causes high blood pressure and should be avoided.

Large-scale scientific reviews have determined there’s no reason for people with normal blood pressure to restrict their sodium intake.

Now, if you already have high blood pressure, you may be “salt sensitive.” As a result, reducing the amount of salt you eat could be helpful.

What to do is you can simply consume more potassium-containing foods.

Why? Because it’s really the balance of the two minerals that matters.

The bottom line: Strive for a potassium-rich diet, which you can achieve by eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and legumes.