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“Thanks To People Who truly Care…..”

I want to tell you about the great job the people at Pentucket Medical did for my wife and me. 

My name is Frank and I have been a patient at Pentucket Medical for two years. 

I was not very good when it came to my health and for a long time never saw a doctor.  But two years ago on April 29th I came off a golf course dizzy and short of breath.  I went to ExpressCare at RiverWalk where they ran a battery of tests. 

When I walked out of there I knew two things: First, I had a heart problem and second, I knew I had a wonderful team on my side. 

Only a week later I met with my new primary care physician, Dr. Ken Fowler and Dr. Richard Goldman, my new cardiologist. It was clear I was in need of surgery and I was scheduled for a quadruple heart bypass at Massachusetts General. The operation went great: I went in on Friday and came home just four days later, which was a record according to Dr. Goldman. 

Dr. Fowler also helped diagnose my other health issue; he referred me to his colleague Dr. Albena Halpert, who began helping me with my intestinal discomfort. It turned out that I have crohns disease and Dr. Halpert has been a great help in being able to manage it.  

Enough about me.

Fast forward to last month.  My wife, Marion, had been seeing a local primary care physician for years but after my experience with Pentucket Medical we decided it was time for her to change to Dr. Fowler.  Her first appointment was set for May 19th, but in of April a problem cropped up: she’d become very short of breath.  

On April 30th I was having a crohn’s flare up and called the office to see if I could make a same-day appointment, which, of course, they did for me.  On the way, I advised Marion that she should see Dr. Fowler’s assistant Patty to ask if they could move the appointment up for her.  Once Patty heard Marion explain her symptoms, she did MUCH more than that.  

‘She was admitted to Lawrence General, with Dr. Goldman monitoring her progress there. Meanwhile, my problem was identified as an intestinal obstruction. I wound up down the hall from Marion! Dr. Halpert came to see me at the hospital and worked with the Lawrence General physicians on my behalf.

Who knows what might have happened to us were it not for the diligence of these wonderful healthcare professionals?  

We want to thank doctors Fowler, Goldman, and Halpert as well as their nursing staffs. Not to mention ExpressCare, which is all of this support first started. They recognized the situation, worked in a coordinated way and focused on solving our problems. Now Marion and I both on a track to good health and confident that we’re in good hands at Pentucket Medical. 

 I know they would say ‘that is our job’ and that is true, but because of their efforts they will forever have our heartfelt gratitude. 

In closing, in these days of complaints and negativity it’s nice to tell a good story for a change. It’s also nice to know that there are truly people who care and who will go the extra mile when need be.

Very Sincerely Yours,