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Very grateful.

I visited PMA express two days ago with severe abdominal pain and vomiting. My son who is a paramedic/firefighter begged to take me to the hospital but I was stubborn and finally agreed to go to a walk- in center. Well my visit at PMA was very quick and I believe I saw dr. Martin who quickly gave possible diagnosis of kidney stones and recommended CT at LGH ER, which was definitely like correct advice , as I was found on CT at the ER to have multiple large kidney stones which were obstructing and could’ve led to infection and possible sepsis! I was admitted, had surgery with a stent and scheduled for another surgery in a couple of days.

Needless to say, I am very grateful to my son first of all who I guess should always listen to from now on and also for PMA’s professional and kind and compassionate treatment. I wish I knew the nurse/CNA’s name to mention because she was wonderful to me in my time of pain and panic did everything very quickly.

This was first ever visit to an urgent care center and/an emergency room in my whole life (and i am old….51 years old), and i wanted to thank everyone for making this as comfortable as possible for me.

Another great experience.

I had another great experience with your organization today, and I wanted to share it with you.

I’d been in pain for a few days, and went to ExpressCare at Riverwalk. I made a space in line for myself in the online portal, got the text that it was time to come down, and was seen right away. This was at 8:35. After vitals and an exam, they did an Xray. Turns out the Xray didn’t show anything conclusive. They wanted me to get a CAT scan, but the Auth dept at BC/BS was closed for the Easter/Passover holiday. Without an auth, the option was to go to an ER. I didn’t want to do that. Your referral professional made a couple of calls, and said that they would send me over to the Haverhill site for the blood and urine diagnostics along with the scan, and not to worry. She gave me the drinks for the CAT scan, told me what to do, and arranged with the Haverhill facility to see me at 2. This was at about 9:30.

I went to Haverhill at 2, and got all of diagnostics done in about 30-40 mins. As I was walking out, the desk professional handed the phone to me – it was the NP (or PA, I can’t remember) from ExpressCare. She explained that she had spoken to the Dr., told me that the diagnosis was Diverticulitis, and that they were sending some scrips over to my local pharmacy. She also explained the clear diet I was to stay on for the weekend, and what to do if anything dire happened.

After I got home, I got a call from ExpressCare. She wanted to set up a follow-up for Monday with Dr. McAulay, my excellent PCP. He had a couple of openings on Monday morning, which is unusual on short notice, and asked if I wanted one. I did. After the call, I jumped in my car and picked up the scrips, then headed to the local grocery store to get the clear diet ingredients. I started taking the meds right away.

Here is what is beautiful about this. All of this took place within 8 miles of my home. I never waited for any of these services for more than 10 mins. The elapsed time between me registering online with a concern (I was in a lot of pain) and the time I had a diagnosis and treatment in place was 6 hours. Within the next hour, I had medication in hand and an appointment with my wonderful clinician to follow up on the next business day. Throughout the whole experience, I didn’t have to do, plan, request, or manage a single thing. Everything was managed for me. Even better, every person I spoke to was professional, upbeat and happy. I felt like your employees were watching over me and making sure I would be ok. This is amazing to me, and a unique level of service in my engagements with healthcare. Can you imagine what my experience would have been had I gone to a local hospital ER? I shudder to think.


This is what healthcare should be like. I feel so fortunate to have PMA right here for me, over the last 10 years. I hope this model of care becomes the standard. And thank you for leading this excellent organization.

ExpressCare Makes it Easy to Skip the wait!

Did you know Pentucket Medical ExpressCare employs a software called Clockwise.MD to improve the patient’s experience in our clinics?

 With Clockwise.MD patients can:

  • Make online reservations.
  • Stay informed of wait status via text messages or a television dashboard in our waiting area. 
  • Leave the waiting area and receive a text message when it’s time to return during delays and extended wait times.  

This allows our patients to essentially skip the waiting room all together and make a better use of their day while still getting the care they need.  

Simply go to our website and click on “Reserve My Spot” and then choose one of our two clinics in either Lawrence or Andover.

urgent healthcare haverhill ma

ExpressCare really made a difference.

Hello…just wanted to say what great care we received this week from Jenny Evans at the Walk-In Clinic in Lawrence. I came in sick on Monday with pneumonia and Jenny was so kind, took time to listen to
my complaints and took care of everything even providing a note for my work which I hadn’t thought of. The next day I brought my husband in with the flu (he’s blind so couldn’t drive himself) and he also received great care. It took a few days but we are both feeling lots better.
Thanks for making the experience as good as it possibly could be (used online appointment system, had short wait, kind staff, meds called directly into pharmacy which made our wait time less, notes for work).

It really made a difference.

I think you guys are the greatest.

You People are the BOMB!! ( Bomb = fantastic) You are AWESOME. My wife has experienced your services as well. Great 1st impression with the receptionist. Made my appt. on the net.
5-10 minute wait upon arrival , no big deal. Friendly ‘Gabariella’ and Nurse Practioner ( name forgotten , Senior moment) was fantastic.

I have been involved with the American public all my life, and I think you guys are the greatest. You make a ‘patient’ feel like a human and not a number.
Don’t change this.

Dr. Joe made me feel like I was a person who actually mattered.

I had to go in to the ExpressCare in Haverhill, MA. on 11/11/2014.  I was seen by Dr. Joe, I have to say she was by far one of the best Dr’s I have had to see as a patient.  She really took the time to hear what was going on with my health at the time.  She has a great personality, awesome sense of humor, she made me feel like I was a person who actually mattered.  I am a person who likes a doctor who takes the time to get a sense of who I am and she took that time without rushing or making me feel awkward.  She put me at ease as soon as she started talking to me.  That kind of Dr. especially an ER Dr. is really hard to come by.   

So Thank you Dr. Joe and good luck, if you ever decide to leave ExpressCare think of this review and let me know where you are and how to get in touch with you and save me a space in your patient files.

Eye Injury Prevention

Sight is one of our most trusted senses. 2,000 eye injuries occur every day and  90% of all of these injuries can be prevented by the use of  protective eye wear to shield eyes from potential flying objects, fumes, dust, sparks or splashing chemicals.  Protect your eyes and the eyes of your children with these simple reminders.

Use protective eye wear, especially when:

  • using hammers, power tools, or chemicals
  • welding
  • using household chemicals like bleach and other cleaners
  • always read labels carefully and work in a well ventilated area
  • while playing sports such as racquetball, paintball, lacrosse and hockey
  • when mowing the lawn, trimming or edging
  • while blowing leaves or sweeping


Be careful when opening bottles under pressure like a bottle of champagne, and avoid splashing while cooking with hot oils and other fluids.


Supervise children’s use of tools and toys.  Pencils, scissors, knives, paperclips, bungee cords, wire hangers, rubber bands, fishhooks and small / flying toys can be dangerous.  Teach children how to safely carry sharp objects, to never point flying toys at another person, and to never play with laser pointers!


And finally, always remember to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays by wearing broad-rimmed hats and/or sunglasses.