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How to Prevent Sport Injuries in Children

Sports may be fun for kids and parents, but accidents happen. Around one in three children in the US who participate in sports will miss a game this year due to a sports-related injury. How can you minimize your child’s risk of injury at the next game? Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

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Worker’s Compensation with Pentucket

Why Choose ExpressCare for Your Employees?


Urgent Care

 It is likely that you will have employees who experience an injury or illness while at work which can negatively affect productivity, and ultimately, your bottom line.  Sending them to Pentucket ExpressCare is a quick and convenient option.   

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ExpressCare Goes Extra Mile For Walk-In Patient Follow Up

Since Pentucket Medical ExpressCare at RiverWalk opened five years ago, a score of walk-in treatment offices have sprung up around the area. Yet from the start, ExpressCare has provided a service that no other clinic can begin to offer: concierge referrals. 

As many as half of patients need to follow up with another physician or diagnostic resource after being seen at ExpressCare. It might be anything from a consult with their primary care doctor, seeing an orthopedist for a broken bone, care from a neurologist or ear nose & throat doc – the list goes on and on.  Before leaving ExpressCare, these patients receive a seamless handoff to whatever specialty medical help or test they require.  Continue reading “ExpressCare Goes Extra Mile For Walk-In Patient Follow Up”

ExpressCare Receives a Partners in Excellence award in Quality Treatment & Service.

We are very pleased to share that the Pentucket Medical ExpressCare Staff have received a 2015 Partners in Excellence award in Quality Treatment and Service.

A congratulatory letter from Dr. Torchiana was sent to the homes of the team leaders this week:

“As we celebrate the 20th annual Partners in Excellence awards program, we are especially proud to present this highly esteemed award to individuals and teams for their exemplary performance and for contributions “above and beyond the call of duty” to Partners HealthCare and our member institutions.”

Congratulations to Dr. Bomba and the entire Pentucket Medical ExpressCare staff for their recognition and hard work!

‘If it hadn’t been for them, I wouldn’t be here today’

Happy Reunion: Patient Andrea Wheaton (third from left) with ExpressCare team members Ana Miranda, MA, Jenny Evans, PA, and George Summerlin, MA.

Waking on the morning of May 19th, out of breath and heart racing, Andrea Wheaton knew she needed medical attention. Looking back on it now, the 62-year-old Registered Nurse sheepishly admits that she should have called an ambulance, but ExpressCare was just down the street from her North Andover home. She drove. 

“The receptionist took one look at me,” she says. “I guess my color was terrible. Someone came immediately out of the clinic and took me in, I was never even checked in.”

Front-line staff are watchful for potentially life-threatening situations, says Garrett Bomba, MD, Medical Director of ExpressCare. 

“Any patient is brought immediately back to the doctor,” he says, “if they present with signs of distress, or tell us that they have any symptoms that suggest a more serious condition.”

It’s a policy that Andrea credits with saving her life. 

Medical Assistant George Summerlin brought Andrea into Room 12, took her vitals and triaged her, immediately alerting Physician Assistant Jenny Evans. 

“I found Andrea short of breath and sweaty,” Jenny recalls, “…and her vitals were abnormal – we were concerned she had lung or heart problem that needed to be emergently addressed. Because her vitals were abnormal we did an EKG, which wasn’t normal either. We gave her some aspirin just in case she was having a heart event. Her oxygen was low so I was thinking pneumonia, but her lungs were clear. She’d had recent surgery we were worried about a lung clot, having no idea that the clot was as big as it turned out to be.”

“She agreed to go to the hospital,” Jenny continues, “and that was the last we heard of her until she came to see me. She came in after she was discharged, before an appointment with Dr. Goldman. She told me what had happened and thanked me.” 

“When I got to Lawrence General,” Andrea says, “The back pressure from the lung was so bad, they thought I was having a heart attack.  They called Dr. (Seth) Bilazarian, who did a D Dimer – a test for blood clots then they sent me to for a CT scan. My right lung completely occluded by blood clots, and the left was down to 25 percent clear.” 

“As a nurse,“ Andrea says, “I’ve seen people die from just one blood clot. The clotting I had was massive. I realized how serious this was when the hospital had my daughter come in to co-sign a living will, DNR and health care proxy.”

Andrea stopped in at ExpressCare recently to say hello and have her photo taken with some of the staff who helped her back in May. She said she was returning to work the next day. 

“I just can’t say enough about the way I was cared for at ExpressCare,” says Andrea. “Right from the front staff… I never felt like they were interested in money, just making sure I’d be OK… all the way to Jenny – if had not been for them, I wouldn’t be here today.” 

I owe my life to Jenny Evans, PA

On 5/19 I drove myself to Express Care and could hardly breath. Jenny took one look at me and ordered 4 baby ASA, did a EKG and put me on Oxygen then called 911, she stayed with me until ambulance arrived and was taken to LGH and had massive pulmonary embolisms. As a RN, I owe my life to this lady and can’t thank her enough for saving my life.

How to Treat Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds can be caused by many things such as physical trauma, allergies, or underlying diseases that affect the blood. While nosebleeds are usually minor, it is still important to properly treat them otherwise they can cause major issues.

1. Do NOT Tilt Your Head Back

A big misconception and initial reaction when you have a nosebleed is to tilt your head back. This will only cause you to swallow blood, which can have worse effects than the nosebleed itself. You should sit down in a chair and actually lean your head slightly forward.

2. Apply Pressure

Next you need to pinch the soft part of your nose with your fingers. The pressure helps the nosebleed to slow down and prevents blood from escaping from your nose.

3. Apply Ice

Applying an ice pack against your nose and cheeks will help to constrict the blood vessels and slow down the nosebleed. It also numbs any pain you may be experiencing. 

4. Take Preventative Measures

Once the nosebleed has stopped, you may want to consider putting a very small amount of ointment, such as Vaseline, in and around your nostrils since dryness and abrasion add to nosebleeds. You’ll want to prevent anything that will instigate another nosebleed such as blowing, wiping, picking or rubbing your nose. 

5. Speak with your doctor

Even though nosebleeds are common for many people, it’s important to check in with a physician especially if:

The bleeding doesn’t stop after 10 minutes of treatment
A nosebleed occurs more than 4 times in a single week
Nosebleeds get more severe/painful
You are on blood-thinning medicine and are getting nosebleeds
You have any conditions that affect blood-clotting, such as liver disease

Call your physician and make an appointment if you have any questions or concerns about your nosebleeds. If you feel you need to see a doctor immediately you can be seen right away at either of our ExpressCare locations.  

“Thanks To People Who truly Care…..”

I want to tell you about the great job the people at Pentucket Medical did for my wife and me. 

My name is Frank and I have been a patient at Pentucket Medical for two years. 

I was not very good when it came to my health and for a long time never saw a doctor.  But two years ago on April 29th I came off a golf course dizzy and short of breath.  I went to ExpressCare at RiverWalk where they ran a battery of tests. 

When I walked out of there I knew two things: First, I had a heart problem and second, I knew I had a wonderful team on my side. 

Only a week later I met with my new primary care physician, Dr. Ken Fowler and Dr. Richard Goldman, my new cardiologist. It was clear I was in need of surgery and I was scheduled for a quadruple heart bypass at Massachusetts General. The operation went great: I went in on Friday and came home just four days later, which was a record according to Dr. Goldman. 

Dr. Fowler also helped diagnose my other health issue; he referred me to his colleague Dr. Albena Halpert, who began helping me with my intestinal discomfort. It turned out that I have crohns disease and Dr. Halpert has been a great help in being able to manage it.  

Enough about me.

Fast forward to last month.  My wife, Marion, had been seeing a local primary care physician for years but after my experience with Pentucket Medical we decided it was time for her to change to Dr. Fowler.  Her first appointment was set for May 19th, but in of April a problem cropped up: she’d become very short of breath.  

On April 30th I was having a crohn’s flare up and called the office to see if I could make a same-day appointment, which, of course, they did for me.  On the way, I advised Marion that she should see Dr. Fowler’s assistant Patty to ask if they could move the appointment up for her.  Once Patty heard Marion explain her symptoms, she did MUCH more than that.  

‘She was admitted to Lawrence General, with Dr. Goldman monitoring her progress there. Meanwhile, my problem was identified as an intestinal obstruction. I wound up down the hall from Marion! Dr. Halpert came to see me at the hospital and worked with the Lawrence General physicians on my behalf.

Who knows what might have happened to us were it not for the diligence of these wonderful healthcare professionals?  

We want to thank doctors Fowler, Goldman, and Halpert as well as their nursing staffs. Not to mention ExpressCare, which is all of this support first started. They recognized the situation, worked in a coordinated way and focused on solving our problems. Now Marion and I both on a track to good health and confident that we’re in good hands at Pentucket Medical. 

 I know they would say ‘that is our job’ and that is true, but because of their efforts they will forever have our heartfelt gratitude. 

In closing, in these days of complaints and negativity it’s nice to tell a good story for a change. It’s also nice to know that there are truly people who care and who will go the extra mile when need be.

Very Sincerely Yours,