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How To Avoid Weight Gain Over The New Year

Feeling doughy after the holidays? Try a few of these tips to cut the fat out of your diet!

Healthy Diet Tips from Our Pentucket Medical Specialists

Winter is a time for family, gift-giving, traditions and delicious food. Unfortunately for those trying to lose weight, being surrounded by many unhealthy food options can be detrimental to all the hard progress you’ve made this year. How do you deal with staying healthy without sacrificing the joys of delicious winter comfort food?

Low-Fat Cooking

Cut the Butter

Most recipes for traditional family dinners include an incredible amount of butter, which is high in cholesterol and fat. Avoid the unneeded calories and fat by choosing a healthier alternative. Butter options include:

  • Applesauce – keeps food moist and gives it a lovely apple glaze!
  • Almond Butter – has better nutrient options than classical butter!
  • Vegan Butter (made from soy or vegetable proteins) – can have less cholesterol, is easier to digest, and can often be a lower calorie option than classical milk-based butter or margarine!

 Cook with Coconut Oil

Instead of cooking with vegetable oil, which can be very fatty and not nutritional, why not try cooking with Coconut Oil? There are a few options for Coconut Oil:

  • Virgin – usually comes in glass jars and is usually solid or gelatinous.
  • Refined – found in glass jars, and is beneficial if you have coconut sensitivities
  • Liquid – commonly found in stores, and is filtered and processed to have elements of the coconut removed so that it doesn’t return to its natural, solid state.
  • Refined/Bleached/Deodorized, or RBD – made from pressing the husks of coconuts with heat, and offers the least nutrition.

Portion Control

While it may be hard to control yourself with so much food available, for the sake of your health, don’t forget portion control! Have a game plan. Know your portion amounts and stick to it! Don’t make excuses for poor eating habits. You and your health are worth working for!


If you used one of our healthy tips, share your story with us!

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