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COVID- 19 Vaccine

If you are a Pentucket Medical patient age 16 and older,  please click here to be added to the Pentucket Medical vaccine waitlist. Vaccine allotments remain limited. As supply becomes available, we will contact you for an appointment. You may also visit the State’s vaccination site finder or dial 2-1-1 for other locations. We are encouraging everyone to look into these options. To learn more about these clinics and to find more information, please visit the state’s website here.

If you have received the vaccine and believe you are having a reaction to the vaccine please see the message below from our Allergist, Dr. John Hein.

Am I having a reaction to the vaccine?

Is redness and swelling at the injection site an allergic reaction?

No.  Sometimes vaccines can cause large local reactions at the injection site.  These symptoms can begin within hours to days after vaccination.  Skin at the site of the injection can become red, sore, itchy and painful.  The area of redness can last several days before resolving.  A non-sedating antihistamine (Cetirizine, Loratadine, Fexofenadine) can be used to alleviate symptoms of redness and itching.  This is not an allergic reaction.  These patients do not need an allergy referral.  They may safely receive their second Covid-19 vaccination.  However, to prevent local symptoms they may take a non-sedating antihistamine starting the day of their second injection and continue for up to a week after the injection.

What is a vaccine allergy?

Symptoms of a vaccine allergy start very quickly (usually within minutes) and almost always within 4 hours of vaccination.  Symptoms typically include multiple parts of the body: hives on the skin, swelling of the mouth, lips, tongue or throat, shortness of breath, wheezing or chest tightness, low blood pressure or loss of consciousness.  Patients who develop these symptoms should be referred to allergy for evaluation.  If you still have concerns or think you need an allergy referral please call the Mass General Brigham COVID-19 Nurse Line at 617-724-7000.

Vaccine Appointment Scheduling

Mass General Brigham patients age 12 and older can schedule a vaccine appointment on our new scheduling website. Please note, any patient under 18 needs a parent or guardian’s consent which can be found here.

COVID-19 Information