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Dr. Fowler is a top notch doctor!

March 2, 2018

Dr. Fowler is top notch doctor. My husband and me have had him for years. He is amazingly patient, professional, kind and caring, If I am sick and call for appointment, he will accept to see me the same day even though he is busy. He is so up to date for all medical issues and explain to you very clear making it so easy understanding. Gifted with a very friendly and down to earth personality, I feel so comfortable to ask questions and discuss with Dr. Fowler issues and options. He is extremly commited to his patients’ health and excellence and I highly would recommend him to all new patients. Dr. Fowler is really the best.

Dr. Schwartz is the absolute best doctor

February 5, 2018


Mary is the absolute best doctor on the entire earth. Even though it seems she’s dealing with an avalanche of patients she always calmly takes the time to listen to my questions and concerns and makes suggestions to help her patients. She very thorough and puts me at ease. I just think she’s great!

Dr. Rosado

January 15, 2018

I feel extremely grateful for the wonderful care provided to me by Dr. Rosado Rodriguez. She is kind, thorough and excellent at what she does. Extremely timely follow-up as well. She has a state-of-the-art office, is accepting new patients which is how I found her, and I just highly recommend her. Also her office staff and assistant are just fabulous!

Dr. Ramenini listens to me..

December 5, 2017

I can honestly say Dr.Ramenini is a great doctor. Most doctors like to speak but fail to remember its also important to listen. She always listens to what my concerns are and is very informative. Thank you !

Dr. Chatfield always makes me feel like she is looking at the whole picture

January 16, 2017

When I was switched from Commonwealth Care to MassHealth, I had to find a new primary care provider. I’m sure you understand the level of anxiety that can be involved in this decision. I receive ongoing treatment for several different medical conditions/issues. I am also being treated for other issues outside of the “general medical area.” That, and along with a complicated family history, Dr. Chatfield always makes me feel like she’s looking at the whole picture. We discuss my issues and treatments and always goes through explaining tests, their results, and what needs to be done. We constantly review medications regarding necessity, dosages, alternatives etc. I am very fortunate to have the health care coverage that is provided to me. When I was looking for a new PC provider; I had many choices. I’m glad I made the decision that I made.

Dr. Benmaman, an excellent dermatologist

January 3, 2017

I recently saw Dr Benmaman to check a mole that I was concerned about. She was thorough in her exam checking other areas of my face to make sure that there were no other moles or irregularities. She was kind and thoughtful throughout the process alleviating any concerns I may have had. I highly recommend Dr. Benmaman to anyone who is looking for an excellent dermatologist.

Dr. Oettinger is a fantastic physician!

October 25, 2016

“Jana T. Oettinger, MD is a fantastic physician who actually takes time with you, talks to you, and listens to you. She is the best I have ever seen!”

She was exceptional

October 15, 2016

“I had my physical with Leah M. Petrosino, FNP-BC yesterday. She was exceptional. Would be happy to see her again.”

Dr. Skorupka, my doctor for years to come

October 7, 2016

“I have been to see Dr. Skorupka for the last two years so she is a relatively new physician for me. I like her straightforward manner and that she has taken the time to review my history before she sees me and discusses not only my health history but any current health concerns I may have. My interactions with her don’t feel rush and I feel like she is paying attention to me and my health. I hope she stays with the practice and my doctor for years to come!”

Can’t say enough about Joan Hultgren, RD

October 3, 2016

“I met with Joan Hultgren, RD.  I have been recently diagnosed with Diabetes. Joan was lovely and understand. She was very kind in her process in educating me in the lifestyle changes I must make to get this under control. I do not feel overwhelmed with this diagnosis. I can’t say enough about her!”