Endocrinology is the science of a bodily system that is a key to our appearance, energy level, bone strength, sex drive and more. Hormones are a principal focus of endocrinology.

Pentucket Medical Endocrinologists

Pentucket Medical's endocrinologists diagnose and treat a wide range of common as well as unusual disorders and dysfunctions of the endocrine system. Endocrinologists most often see patients who have some kind of hormonal imbalance or dysfunction.

Problems involving the hormone-secreting endocrine glands present a wide array of symptoms, signs, syndromes and diseases, many of which are interrelated. Deciphering these is the job of the endocrinologist.

Pentucket Medical's endocrinologists help patients manage glandular illnesses including diabetes, thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, bone metabolism and reproductive disorders. Services include on-site testing of bone density, blood glucose levels, hemoglobin A1c, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI scan and thyroid biopsy. Typically, our endocrinologists work with primary care physicians and other subspecialists as indicated by the patient's needs.

Endocrinology involves caring for the person as well as the disease. Most endocrine disorders are chronic diseases that need life-long care. Some of the most common endocrine diseases include diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism and metabolic syndrome. Care of diabetes, obesity and other chronic diseases necessitates understanding the patient on a personal and social level as well as on the molecular. At Pentucket Medical, we believe the physician-patient relationship can be an important therapeutic process.

In all cases, the patient's primary care provider remains the "captain" of the patient's healthcare team. Appointments with our endocrinologists are generally coordinated through the primary care provider.

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