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Diabetes is a disease that prevents the body from producing and/or using insulin to absorb sugar (glucose) to provide energy.

Over time, high blood sugar (glucose) levels can lead to blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage and heart disease. Fortunately, with good care including diet, exercise and medications, blood sugar (glucose) levels can be kept under control, thus preventing such complications.

Pentucket Medical's diabetes care team offers a coordinated and highly effective approach to the management of this dangerous illness.

Diabetes can be a silent disease. Its symptoms may or may not be noticeable. Early detection can make all the difference. Those who are at risk should ask their primary care physician to be screened.

Because the complications of diabetes can be numerous and are often interrelated, management of the disease involves adopting lifestyle changes, especially in regard to diet and exercise. Appropriate management of medication is also critical.

Effective management includes education, counseling and often consultation with medical specialists such as endocrinologists (hormones), cardiologists (heart), nephrologists (kidney) and Certified Diabetes Educators.

Pentucket Medical's diabetes care department is an integrated program that combines education with specialist care, as needed, in coordination with your primary care physician.

We offer nutritional classes. Click here for more information.

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